A Cali Living Room in Dallas

A Few weeks ago I got an email from a new client asking for help with her family's living room. I didn't know exactly what to expect when I drove up for the first time to check out hte space, but as soon as I got a peek man oh man did I get excited. The "before" was a completely blank canvas with a dream fireplace,  plenty of natural light, insanely tall ceilings, beautiful molding and already perfectly white walls. It was really unfair how fun this was going to be.

download (28).jpeg
download (30).jpeg

The client wasn't married to anything in the current room. We are going to try and use the current jute rug and hope it's big enough. The credenza got nixed pretty quickly and we are going to try and move it to the dining room. Since it was pretty much empty though, we got to start from scratch! Being in the room we came up quickly with a plan for two couches facing each other, with some mid century chairs and possible some ottomans to really maximize seating. I liked the idea of the basket wall that the client had already started so we are planning on going big with that idea.

After talking with the client and realizing we were totally on the same page as far as design, we started pulling some inspiration images. 

Luckily she loves California Modern as much as I do, so obviously we pulled a lot of Emily Henderson and Amber Lewis for inspiration.

download (32).jpeg
download (34).jpeg
download (35).jpeg

Next up, mood boards! I pulled together all the elements we had talked about into a moodboard to really nail down all the main elements we wanted for the room.

download (36).jpeg

So far the only big change from the mood board is that we are probably going to do a sectional instead of two couches at the request of client's husband. 

 We already have the credenza purchased and i've pulled a TON of accessories and art and can't wait to get my hands on that living room to style it out.

What do you guys think so far of the plan? I'll keep you updated as we go along!