A Funky Eclectic Cottage

I'm back for a second round of finding cute houses for sale and showing you guys how I would decorate! I need to think of a clever title because that is a mouthful. If you don't know, I'm a real estate agent, so I get to see some cute houses in my house search for clients. A lot of my clients will see some funky houses and feel overwhelmed at the process of decorating or making it their own. Well if that is you, I'm here to help!

I spotted this cute cottage for sale in Oak Cliff and knew I needed to create a mood board. I hate how home staging always uses the same type of "glam" furniture. There is always a lot of mirrors and chrome furniture. Blah.

download (24).jpeg
download (25).jpeg
download (26).jpeg

It's in the Elmwood neighborhood of Oak Cliff which is known for its cute cottages and beautiful greenbelt so I wanted to go all out with the interior and make it fun! It's definately a little bit glam, but in a good way!

OB-snapshot (1).jpg

Here is how you can get the look!

1. PINK COUCH. enough said. I think more people need to go bold with their couches don't you?

2. Include some funky side chairs.

3. You need a soft luxurious moroccan rug for your feet.

4. anchor the living room with a natural wood coffee table

5. I'm obsessed with any art that features cows for some reason.

6. Go ahead and include a really fun and funky credenza.

7. Add in a that Target lamp that everyone and their mom owns now.

8. Love local gal Hayley Mitchell for fun colorful art.

9. Go with a  funky shape for the dining table.

10.  Add a classic but fun shape dining chair

11. Get a rug with some bright colors but a natural base.

12. Add in a fun starburst chandelier. 

And thats it! What do you guys think! PS this house is for sale so if you are in the market, or know someone who is in the market please shoot me an email!


*Molly Mathias is a REALTOR with Joe Atkins Realty in Texas

*This house is listed by Miriam Mier with William Davis Realty