Entryway Makeover

Having an entryway is a dream come true. No really. When we were house searching 99% of the houses we looked out just opened straight into the living room. I've always wanted a grand entryway. I believe it sets the tone for the house, and you can take some design risks in an entryway space that you wouldn't normally take in the living room. So let's get into it. When we bought the house, the entry way was just a little sad. It was just a plain tan box. Tan paint, tan tile, and a cowboy light fixture. 

download (2).jpeg

It wasn't the worst thing my eye's had ever seen. But it still was blah. The first thing to go was that light, obviously. When we bought the house my mom reminded me of a chandelier I had bought at an estate sale three years before. I had completely forgotten about it! But that is totally like me to buy a chandelier and hold on to it for years so I could eventually put it in my own house. I think I paid around $100 for it? Its super old. I can't figure out an exact age but i'm thinking it might even be pre-1900. It doesn't necessarily fit with the rest of my style but I honestly don't care. Its so so so pretty and I love seeing it when I walk in. Perfect example that you should buy things that make you happy and are special, and find a way to make it work later.

As you can see, I also hand painted this pattern using a stencil right away. When we moved in, we really don't have a whole lot of furniture as we were moving from an apartment so I just wanted one space to be "done." Corey thought I was crazy for spending hours painting a stencil a week after we moved in, but I was desperate for some decoration in the new house. I added a vintage sideboard and pretty much called it a day for awhile.

I changed around the decor on the sideboard a few times over the next year, but no big changes. It got a huge facelift almost two years after moving in, once we decided to go big with new tile. Now some other things occurred with our floors, and if that hadn't happened, it probably would still be the same. I'll tell you that story another time. But we decided to go ahead and do new tile in the entryway. I really didn't absolutely hate the old tile. It was plain, but fine. But deep down I knew the space was screaming for something show stopping. Decided on this tile from Cle Tile actually was a pretty easy decision. I saw the tile in a kitchen in a design from Emily Henderson and knew that was my tile.

download (6).jpeg
download (7).jpeg

It definately was not cheap. But I knew the entryway needed some color so somehow I convinced Corey to let me go for it. When the contractors where installing it I knew I made the right decision. It is seriously so beautiful and makes me so happy every time I walk in the door. I knew I would probably have to paint over the spots and after the tile was done, it was obvious it was too busy with the spots. I just did plain white on the walls, added some bamboo shades, switched out the furniture and accessories, and DONE. 

download (10).jpeg
download (12).jpeg
download (14).jpeg

And thats it! What do you think? Did I make the right decision with the tile?