State of the {MM Vintage} Union.

For awhile I have been filling slightly unfulfilled. I still loved scouring all of the metroplex for vintage finds, but something was missing. I found myself dreading getting up and going scouting and I still have a ton of furniture I have not styled out and posted. I just had a case of the BLAHS. 

It took a few weeks, but then I finally told my mom (the other half of MM Vintage) that I wanted to start making things again. MAKING. CREATING. using my own two hands to. Selling vintage furniture is great and it satisfies my binge shopping tendencies , but I grew up crafting. The summer time especially brings back memories of spending the hot Texas days inside making some silly craft my mom thought of. 

So that's when I decided I wanted to make things. Home goods were a natural fit to pair up with the vintage furniture, but I really wanted to explore. I realized clothes were not a far jump, my mom is a sewing whiz and does all the upholstery herself. That's where this new direction comes from. Right now we are still figuring it out, but I'm having a blast. I feel excited to make something new everyday. 

Right now our plan is to hand make some home goods items like pillows, napkins, blankets, etc. We also have started a line of hand made and hand dyed clothing. We are starting small with hand dyed kimonos and tanks, but are also including some kimonos made from vintage textiles including indigos. 

My goal is to have an online boho marketplace where you can buy stuff for your home and for your body, and it's all vintage or handmade. Shop small ya'll and let me know what you think of our new venture! Enjoy some pictures from our first photo shoot with the new clothing line!