New Website!

I'm really excited that I finally sat down and created a website! We have been very successful selling over instagram, and I think this website will just further increase sales. I'm excited to have an actual web presence and have a landing space for people to come visit us!

Right now we just have the bigger vintage furniture pieces listed, but i'm hoping to start adding some smaller stuff to round it out in the future. We also have some exciting projects planned in the future to expand MM Vintage. I love hunting down vintage goodies, but I miss being a "maker" and creating something from scratch so that is kinda where MM Vintage is headed next.

So far this summer we are taking a little break. Doing less shopping, spending more time working on pieces we already have that need a little love. I have a trip planned in June to visit LA for week to attend a friends wedding and hopefully do a little shopping and eating. Hopefully some beach trips are in order and then ending the summer will be a week spent in Ireland! 

Thanks for stopping by!