A Cali Living Room in Dallas

A Few weeks ago I got an email from a new client asking for help with her family's living room. I didn't know exactly what to expect when I drove up for the first time to check out hte space, but as soon as I got a peek man oh man did I get excited. The "before" was a completely blank canvas with a dream fireplace,  plenty of natural light, insanely tall ceilings, beautiful molding and already perfectly white walls. It was really unfair how fun this was going to be.

The client wasn't married to anything in the current room. We are going to try and use the current jute rug and hope it's big enough. The credenza got nixed pretty quickly and we are going to try and move it to the dining room. Since it was pretty much empty though, we got to start from scratch! Being in the room we came up quickly with a plan for two couches facing each other, with some mid century chairs and possible some ottomans to really maximize seating. I liked the idea of the basket wall that the client had already started so we are planning on going big with that idea.

After talking with the client and realizing we were totally on the same page as far as design, we started pulling some inspiration images. 

Luckily she loves California Modern as much as I do, so obviously we pulled a lot of Emily Henderson and Amber Lewis for inspiration. 

Next up, mood boards! I pulled together all the elements we had talked about into a moodboard to really nail down all the main elements we wanted for the room.

So far the only big change from the mood board is that we are probably going to do a sectional instead of two couches at the request of client's husband. 

 We already have the credenza purchased and i've pulled a TON of accessories and art and can't wait to get my hands on that living room to style it out.

What do you guys think so far of the plan? I'll keep you updated as we go along!

The Ramsey House

My two favorite things: real estate and interior desing. Ok I also love pizza and netflix. I've been trying to figure out an organic way to combine real estate and interior design for a long time now. I never wanted to promote myself too much and for it to feel forced as I am a real estate agent, but I feel like the two go hand in hand. Because of my job I get to see cool awesome houses ALL THE TIME. Because my clients know I'm into design they always ask me what I would do when touring a home that needs a little love. Immediately I start talking about taking down walls, flooring choices, how to orient furniture, etc. My clients probably get sick of me sending them pictures of beautiful interiors to show how a house can come alive. 

Very recently I was helping a good friend look for homes when we went to coffee after touring some really cool homes in Oak Cliff. We immediately got out our phones and started pinning what we would do to the house. That got the ideas flowing and I came up with this blog series! The idea is I find cool houses that need a little love around DFW and then show you what I would do to it. Pretty simple, here we go.


This is the Ramsey House. Its in my FAVORITE Oak Cliff neighborhood Beckley Club Estates. Just think rolling hills, trees, and wild peacocks. The house felt like this secluded cabin on a hill so I wanted to go with that and do a modern rustic theme for the house. Lets get into it. 

I'm so in love with this living room. I love that it feels dramatic and yet comfy at the same time. I've never been much of a dark green person, but boy is this set up changing my mind. 

1. Couch from West Elm. Really digging the lines and green color on this couch.

2. Sconces to highlight the art and bring in some more light sources. I like the idea of keeping all the lighting black to bring the dramatics.

3. Love that dramatic vintage art print from Chairish.

4. Mid century rectangle wood coffee table

5. Modern black pendant/chandelier

6. Bring in some lightness with white mid century accent chairs

7. Mix of global pillows, leather, and pink accents.

8. I love a cowhide rug. It pretty much goes with any style and is a good budget option for a rug.

9. MCM credenza for across the sofa. 

10. Will the round mirror ever go out of style?

11. Bring in some white to tie in the white mcm chairs with a tall boy dresser for extra storage.

12. Get funky with a vintage weaving.

That table. That art. That pendant. Its all so so so so good.

1. Live Edge wood dining table. They key here is a natural feeling.

2. A classic Eames style chair

3. Simple natural fiber rug

4. Love the scale of this pendant

5. I'm buying this print for my own home I love it so much 

6. I love plant

1. This kitchen needs reclaimed wood cabinets. NEED

2. Open shelving is a must. Open shelving overfilled with neutral color ceramics

3. Beautiful concrete tiles from Cle Tile

4. Bring in some glam to the backsplash with these tiles from Cle

5. Pop of color with this over the sink light

6. A vintage inspired sink

7. Rustic bar stools

8. Leather hardware

9. Kitchen faucet

10. Always need some art in the kitchen



Molly Mathias is a Texas Realtor with Joe Atkins realty. License #0653293

Project Larkspur

You probably have seen a million pics of the house blasted all over my instgram, so I thought it's time to give it a property write up. 

This project actually started about four months ago when I sold this house to some investors. They gave the home some modern upgrades, and it ended up bonkers amazing. This ain't no boring flip ya'll!

This view is the formal living/dinging area. My goal was to make this cozy but not too formal. This is the room you can eat dinner everynight but also be a little fancier and have a cocktail on those scoop chairs. 

The dining set was a clutch find. I don't usually buy them because taking pictures and storing them is a bitch.  

The dresser was also kismet. I was picking up the lucite table from a guy from I buy stuff from occasionally and he said "hey do you need an dressers" UM YES. So thank you sir. I styled it out with vintage and accessories from Target, West Elm, and Home goods.

Those scoop chairs. Yes yes yes!

Still can't get over the colors in that painting. I got that at a thrift store the day before the shoot. I saw it and said yeah that will do. When I got in the space the colors just popped. Don't ever judge art by thrift store lighting is the moral of this story.

Now to the living room! I am freaking obsessed with this room. This is how we all wish our living room's looked. No TV. No messes. Just beautiful things.

There is not really a star in here. Everything is a statement piece. The schreiber dresser is so cool I can't even stand it. It's too cool for me. The art i've hoarded for three years and honestly kinda forgot about it. I dug it out to sell it but when I saw it again I knew it was too good to give up just yet. The spider leg table is so huge, I love how it's oval, most of them are just round. The sofa is from West Elm and was up until very recently my own sofa. The wicker chairs add just the right amount of softness to the room. We finished it out with some MM Vintage handmade pillows, vintage accessories, and stuff from Target, West Elm, and Home Goods

The sofa table was a lucky cragslist find! Shout out to you if you are reading this ;)

I kept it simple in the office. I had this MCM desk forever. For real, forever. Someone buy it. So cheap and good. I added some of my brother's art and some other fun accessories from target and some stuff borrowed from Paige Morse.

Let's take it to the bedroom shall we???

Now the bedroom was honestly kinda thrown together. I don't have extra mattresses laying around so we stacked up to air mattresses. I tied some yarn on a wooden rod and BOOM headboard. I used a wicker side table as a mattress and then added some white bedding, indigo, and MM Vintage handmade pillow. DONE AND DONE. It's pretty simple. and I like it that way

And there you have it! This project was amazing. It was super intimidating to put together a house from nothing in a week. But you know what, we did it! My goal was to make it pretty, but still livable. I wanted people to be able to see themselves in teh space while also making it pretty for a picture. I think the goal was accomplished and i'm ready for the next challenge!