Palm Springs

Finally! I finally made it to Palm Springs. Me and my mom always try and take a trip at the beginning of the year and when she had a few days off work I suggested we jet off to Palm Springs. We flew in to LAX because it was hella cheap and then drove to Palm Springs. We stayed at the Saguaro and it is just as colorful and pretty as all the pictures you have seen. It was the perfect place to grab a chair and sit by the pool and enjoy the Desert sun. The bright colors against the mountain background is unreal. It took awhile for me to get used to it because it seriously looks so fake, because it's so beautiful. 


I love to take guided tours when I'm on vacation. I really love learning new facts about places and getting a feel for the history and the people. We did a walking tour of Old Las Palmas with PS Walk With Me. It was so nice to walk around the neighborhood while hearing stories of all the celebrities that used to call Palm Springs Home. So many good stories to hear about each house. Almost every house you see in that neighborhood has a cool story behind it. We even spotted Leo's house and they were filming a commercial!

Another day we did a big bus tour. Normally I hate getting on a giant bus on vacations, but I wanted to see EVERYTHING in Palm Springs so we took a tour with Celebrity Tours. Our guide grew up in Palm Springs so he had such great stories about being a local. He talked about hanging out with Dean Martin's son and the time Sonny Bonny crashed his mom's birthday party. It's crazy to think such a small town can have so much coo history. Bonus: you can see more of the houses from your higher seat on the bus.

Now food. There is plenty of fancy good food in Palm Springs, but when i'm traveling with my mom we usually go more casual. We have this thing about bagels, so when we found Townie Bagels we were pretty much in heaven. I think we both ended up stuffing a dozen into our checked baggage before heading out.  We had an early dinner one night at Sherman's Deli which is a class old school deli with huge pastrami sandwiches and insane cakes. For a coffee pick me up we headed to Koffi and Ernest Coffee. I found a pineapple coconut muffin at Koffi one morning and I keep thinking about how I need to try and make one because it was so good. I put eating at Kings Highway a priority and so glad I did. Think Mad Men meets hipster and you get this place. Our waitress told us it was an old Denny's. We went at a weird time which was good to admire the whole place and really get a feel for the history. I am obsessed with old diners and I still think its a tragedy I will never experience the real Howard Johnson's. We also had happy hour drinks and a snack at El Jeffe, but coming from Texas, it's hard to agree to a $10 margarita and $15 tacos. 

Make sure after lunch one day you head to Moorten Botanical Gardens. The cactus are insane. So big. We met the cactus man as I called him and he was just picking them all up with his bare hands! He said it's easier this way and no matter what he always gets sticked, even if he had gloves. It's only $4 to visit and you will want to spend hours wandering around and just soaking up all those #plantgoals.


One of my favorite things to do in Palm Springs is just to wander. Get in your car and drive around admiring all the beautiful homes. I dowloaded a self guiding tour and that gave us a jumping off point. Each block here is filled with something else amazing you have to see. Oh and make sure you stop at #thatpinkdoor. I usually am not the person to stand in the middle of the street snapping pictures of some random home, but in Palm Springs I was totally that person. 


It's so relaxing here. It feels like you are a cut off from the world being surrounded by the mountains. I really want to go back with Corey and try some more restaurants, look around The Parker, and take the Tram to the top of the mountains. Until next time!